About Jacob’s Well

If church is boring, something's broken

Instead of being a once a week obligation, we want our time together to awaken who you are – you know, your real selves. Honest, thinking, relevant and casual gatherings impact the lives we live.

JW office
conversation on elephants in the room

We don’t have the answers.

We’d rather have a good question than an easy answer. The idea is to keep learning and stay out of the box so we might actually be part of what God is up to in the world.

Come as you are.

Ratty jeans, t-shirts, mukluks, or even a suit – whatever is comfortable to you.  This also means bring all of you.  Your beautiful, messed up, interesting, hurting self and enjoy real welcome with no hidden agenda to change your convictions, sexuality, politics, friends, or activities (and yet, we’re all growing) *more on this here. You might even hear some Nirvana.

Greg speaking

We’re all hypocrites.

Hypocrites? Yeah. Aren’t we all? We’re not here to judge but instead celebrate who you are and help you discover the ways your talents can impact the world we live in.

father and child

We’ve got double vision.

Okay, maybe even triple.  Building a meaningful community; healthy, outward-focused, where significant relationships grow, a movement; a network of similar communities of 200-300, and a model for the Church that can be contextualized in other places.

Field Public School Minneapolis

Buildings are for squares.

…or at least most are square-shaped.  Point is: We don’t own a building.  Why?  Because we’d rather spend our time and our money out in the community.  God doesn’t want more “houses” to clean or lawns to mow and we’re all busy enough as it is.  This way we don’t have to overschedule events just to fill up a building. Check us out at Field Middle School Sundays @ 10:30!


Greg Meyer

Lead Pastor

It comes down to this: I can’t spend the rest of my life doing stuff that doesn’t really matter.  Jacob’s Well is our attempt to be, not have, a church that deals with the real stuff of life and doesn’t play games. My reason for developing Jacob’s Well isn’t to make sure everyone believes the right or the same thing, but to provide a community where people can fully engage the most important questions, keep God out of the box, and do life together.

EDUCATION: B.A. St Olaf College (Anthropology, Religion), M.Div. Yale University

OTHER STUFF: Sailing, wilderness, reading, running, coffee, craft beer, writing, basketball…

Paul Rosenwinkel

Intern Pastor

Reading the bible as a child broke my understanding of church. Before reading, I thought church was a place to come together and feel righteous, to judge outsiders, and to pray for God to fix the world. After actually reading it, I realized that God fixes the world through us, and that ‘no one is righteous, not even one’ (Rom. 3:10). God’s grace applies to every one of us, and that fact means we are free to go out and worship and protest and love without fear. I want to be a part of a community that does that, and that is why picked Jacob’s Well.

Education: B.A. St Olaf College (Social Work), 3rd year M. Div. student at Luther Seminary

Other Stuff: Biking, banjos, basketball, living simply

Heidi Esposito

Master of Fun (Children's Ministries)

I spent the first 40 years of my life going to (and working at) a traditional church.  It was great for me, it was a place of friends, memories and traditions for me and my family.  But, in lots of ways it was something that I was doing to ‘get through’, I was operating on a belief that if I worked really hard and did all the right stuff, God would love me…better. As the idea of Jacob’s Well began to take shape, I began to get the uncomfortable feeling that God was about something different.  For me Jacob’s Well has been about discovering that it isn’t about working harder to be “good” or more “Christian”, but about figuring out what God looks like in the messiness of my life.  Getting to experience this alongside kids and youth is both an honor and worship for me – #wegettodothis

Chris Tripolino

Inspiring Experience Curator

Can church actually make a difference in my life, my community, and the world during my lifetime and stretching across the generations following me?  Can my gifts be helpful and my effort be fruitful?  I was starting to believe that the answer was no; that the community of the Church would always be muted, always be fighting with it’s own institution.  I changed my mind. Connect with me to talk about artistry, leadership, and the systems we can make to help them thrive!

Maia Dalager

Youth Ministry Leader & Site Host

I have been a church go-er all my life, a camp counselor, a worship band leader. But never before have I thought about a Sunday message days, weeks, or months after I heard it. As a part of Jacob’s Well, I have experienced first hand how this community helps people wrestle with real and relevant issues. The conversations I have help me confront tough stuff that I otherwise might find myself giving up on. Now, I am very excited to get to have these same types of conversation with our youth! It is incredible for me to share in their energy and perspectives.

Melissa Lock

Community Engagement

Can church pull me into my life and the world, not out of it? I don’t need to be busier or given nice experiences or answers that make me feel better for the moment. I need to be honest and connected with nothing to prove but a real life to live into.  Can we – the church – really be a movement of people woven together in this powerful way? What kind of impact could that have on us? On our world? This might be worth changing my schedule for.

Katy Kennedy

Operations Administrator

Is there a place I can really be myself and honestly wrestle with faith? As someone who did not grow up in church, I’ve always felt a deep desire to know God…but I’ve struggled, and continue to struggle for many reasons.  Jacob’s Well is a community that welcomes and encourages my questions, and supports me as I wrestle with life and faith.  For the first time, ever, I feel that I can be myself in a church community…and that we’re wrestling together.  This is incredibly valuable to me.

Chris Lillehei

Site Host

I love God and I love people. Both entities are beautiful, complex, dynamic, and inspiring. Growing up attending church only on Sundays, I never experienced a faith community. It wasn’t until college that I had the opportunity to join a group of my peers who were pursuing God and deeper relationships, and my life changed. Since then, I continuously seek opportunities to experience God through relationship with others. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes this is hard – but when done in an intentional community like Jacob’s Well amazing things can happen. I love sharing God with others and as a Seminary student I sometimes get really excited about how deep, and vast, and wide God’s love is for everyone. As I said, I love God and I love people and Jacob’s Well is a great space for me to share this with others!

Wren Warpula

Pond Coordinator and Young Family Ministries

How do I be Jacob’s Well? This is a question I ask myself every time I step into this community. How am I making a difference here, how am I actively contributing? This is so different from everything that I grew up on going to church. This isn’t a Sunday only opportunity, Jacob’s Well for me is trying to live out my faith the best I can everyday.

Erin McGillivray

Former Site Host

Is it possible to live a life in the church and with God that doesn’t happen only on Sundays and that doesn’t feel separate from the rest of my life?  Can I keep being my curious, no frills self and show up however I am, as hurting or full of life as I may be?  What about showing all sides, finding people to share real, non-edited stories with, and meeting God more and more along the way, even when I share the messiest parts of my life?  I wonder if I can find a community that helps me grow into my strengths, walks with me to my growing edges, helps me learn how to share these with the world, and becomes a place that I want to be involved, not feel obligated to show up or participate (or feel bad if I don’t)? Thankfully, I’ve found the answers to be yes, yes, yes, and YES.

Mike Rusert

Launching Intertwine NE as part of the Jacob's Well Team

Give me a community that sees the sacred in and through the secular, and one that embraces the freedom and joy and burden of being real with one another. That is what Jacob’s Well is with me. I’m getting ready to launch a new community, Intertwine NE, with some amazing people in NE Minneapolis too! Check out the website here, and also take a look at my blog (link below)!

Peter Christ

Friendly Neighborhood Pastor

I grew up ‘going’ to church but always struggled to find God there.  As a young adult I started to discover God out in the world and mostly through other people.  I’ve been a restaurateur and an entrepreneur but after studying at Luther Seminary, now I get to dig more deeply where it seems God wants me to dig.  Jacob’s Well is a collection of people that long to know what it means to ‘be’ church in this world.  This community is helping me redefine what it means to be a pastor and I love the permission we’re given to not take anything for granted and to experiment in everything we do.

Come as
you are.
Yes, Really