Fabric – A New Name for the Same Community

Jacob’s Well has become Fabric (watch the name reveal and listen to the podcast). Why? Because “Jacob’s Well” just doesn’t tell our story or what we aspire to as a community. It is also confusing to share a name with JW.org (thanks Jehovah’s Witnesses) and various other Jacob’s Well churches in the Twin Cities and region who have very little in common with us.

More importantly, Fabric reminds us that life is woven deeply. That’s what we do as a community and individually. Every week. Every day. The strands of self, others and that which is beyond us all (often hinted at with the name “God”) are meant to be woven together with courage, openness, empathy and curiosity. Not with fear, certainty, or too many rules. Hopefully that describes the community you’ve felt woven into the whole time!

Over the fall we’ll be rolling out a new website, Facebook page, you name it. In the meantime, keep weaving. 


Come as
you are.
Yes, Really