Free Money

FREE MONEY is not the answer, but it sure sounds good! We thought putting FREE MONEY up in big, bold letters might be a good way to get people to come on Sunday morning (then we could change the subject.) Instead we decided to actually talk about free money – why it isn’t the answer you thought it was, why we need to be freed of our insatiable appetites for enough money, why we need to free money up to be the tool in our life that it can be. Money an issue in your life (Dumb question)?

Hear more about why we talk about money or check out messages from this series on our podcast (links below)

FREE MONEY (HELP) – 2/12/17 Free money sounds so tempting, and it should be, not because it would let you have enough, but because if you could free money from all the games you play with it you might just find a whole new perspective on life. From our years working and living together as a community one of the biggest problem areas we’ve noticed is money. It messes up just about everything. It’s time to talk and put money in it’s place so you can go on living.

FREE MONEY (PHEW) – 2/19/17 would never solve all your problems. A budget and a get-out-of-debt plan would help, but they won’t entirely solve the problem either. That’s because it isn’t just about the money you have or don’t have, it’s about your unique story and predisposition towards it. You’ll need to come to grips with those before money will start serving you, instead of you dancing to its demands. It’s time to start setting yourself FREE from MONEY!

FREE MONEY (WOW) – 2/26/17 from what you have to do, so that it is free for what you want to do. Did that make any sense? Let’s try it another way: The “Wow” of your money is that it can not only pay the bills and afford you some nice things, but it can help you shape the world more like you sense the  world should look. We don’t get to this stage with our money easily, however. Let’s talk about what it takes and how it happens.

Bonus – Money & Shame 

Come as
you are.
Yes, Really