Godflix 2017

God isn’t so little that God can only be found in the Bible, but so big that God-stuff pops out everywhere. Like in movies! This is our 11th year of exploring current movies for messages that stretch our hearts and minds. Sing, Arrival, Moana, and Hidden Figures are up to bat this August. Watch the movies ahead of time and come ready to dig in with us, or come and be surprised (we’ll try to avoid spoilers, but no guarantees.)

August 6 – SingWhat are you searching for? Drum roll please…why a singing competition with talking animals, of course!  The movie Sing takes us on a light-hearted, toe tapping, sing along joy ride as an eclectic group of animals compete in an American Idol style singing competition.  This competition leads each of the competitors (some more willing than others) down a road of self-discovery and growth. We may not all take a step onto a stage to sing or dance, but we all something that we can sink our hearts into – God has a big vision for us, many awe-inspiring things, immeasurable things, things greater than we ever could ask or imagine!  What are we waiting for?

August 13 – ArrivalThis is not your usual alien invasion movie! They typically take us down the road of what we fear in the shadows of the unknown. Instead Arrival takes us down the road of simultaneously discovering how much bigger existence is than we ever thought, and how close and connected we are to all things. Over all, Arrival gives us a chance to reflect on what it is like to arrive on the shore of a never before seen land, and how our preconceptions shape what we find there. See you August 13!

August 20 – MoanaDisney’s latest animated musical tells the story of Moana, a brave girl who dreams of sailing the ocean despite her father’s rule that “no one go beyond the reef.” Encouraged by her grandma to follow in the ways of their ancestors, she sets off on a journey to discover her true identity and save her village. This story illustrates the challenges of following our dreams and the need we all have for others to help us remember who we are. (Now available to stream on Netflix.)

August 27 – Hidden FiguresTo Infinity…and Beyond! This week we will explore some of the lessons shared in Hidden Figures, the untold story of 3 African-American women who served as the brains behind NASA’s launching of John Glenn into orbit. These women not only displayed incredible intelligence and tenacity, but challenged the racial and gender discriminatory practices and beliefs of the time. While the story may have taken place over 50 years ago, the issues are still relevant today. In the wake of Charlottesville, and so many other stories of hatred, ignorance, and discrimination, we have much to learn about ourselves and how to better recognize God in each other.

Come as
you are.
Yes, Really