Godflix 2018

God isn’t so little that God can only be found in the Bible, but so big that God-stuff pops out everywhere. Like in movies! This is our 12th year of exploring current movies for messages that stretch our hearts and minds. The Man Who Invented Christmas; Black Panther; Love, Simon; and Coco are up to bat starting July 29. Watch the movies ahead of time and come ready to dig in with us, or come and be surprised (we’ll try to avoid spoilers, but no guarantees.)

July 29-The Man Who Invented Christmas: This is the story of Charles Dickens’ (Dan Stevens) writing of “A Christmas Carol.” It’s setting is Christmas (who doesn’t want a dose of Christmas in July!) but the movie is about a lot more. Not only was his character, Scrooge (Christopher Plummer), tormented by ghosts to reclaim his soul, but Charles found himself dragged through his own life and reclaimed in the facing of his ghosts. Question: Got any ghosts? We all do. Maybe that’s what this movie is all about. It’s a fun, poignant and touching family film.

August 5-Black Panther: Black Panther is the most culturally significant movie of 2018. At a time in which African countries are labeled s***holes, Black Panther not only serves as a example of black excellence, it also tells a story of black excellence. It is a direct response to the racism black people in America face every day. This week we’re going to talk about black excellence, cultural appropriation, and what being an ally against racism actually looks like.

August 12-Love, Simon: Blurb coming soon!

August 19-Coco: “Coco” was the animated highlight of the last year. Not only is it fun and touching, it also drives home important messages about remembering who we are and from where we came. It also helps us understand our own path and how to not be an obstacle to those whose paths differ from ours. Join us as we dig into Coco and as we are also joined by Minneapolis marketer and entrepreneur, Thom Sandberg, as he tells us about his recent project, “SecondLifeDay.”

Come as
you are.
Yes, Really