Groups form and meet where and when works best for them. Sunday messages provide a framework for conversations.

Fall/Winter GroupLife: Sept 16-Dec 16

GroupLife Leaders gather Sept 9!

Learn more about GroupLife below, on Sundays or contact Melissa anytime with interest and questions!  Groups currently brewing for this fall…

Sunday evenings: family/everyone groups
Mondays: women’s group, potential new guys group
Tuesdays: NE suburbs everyone group, daytime group Mpls
Wednesdays: Guys group; 2 different women’s groups
Thursdays: mama’s groups; women’s group; SW Mpls everyone group
Fridays: family groups
Percolating: morning DT guys group, women’s daytime group, your new group!

Why GroupLife?  GroupLife is about forming significant relationships. Everybody needs them and they aren’t always easy to develop! But as Jacob’s Well we CAN help each other develop relationships like this. Why wouldn’t we?

  • SHARE: when something big happens, you want to share it with these people.
  • TRUST is always building.
  • CARE: You know what the best care is for one another and are ready to give it (or find help from beyond the group when appropriate).
  • GROW: you expect to grow. 

What to bring

  • Most importantly, yourself! Everything else is optional.
  • The Sunday message provides substance and direction. Listen to it live on Sundays and/or to the podcast at your leisure. Bring your notes, ahas, and questions!
  • The homework given each Sunday is designed to help you connect this with your life.  Try it then share with your group what you learned. Find it in the Sunday Paper each week.
  • Your personal wrestlings (S.O.A.P.+) The Bible is a tough book. It also can bring surprising, rich, and deep perspectives to bear on your conversations. GroupLife is a place to wrestle with it consistently over time with people to encourage and challenge you. S.O.A.P. is just one way to wrestle with God. The + refers to the other personal practices and experiences that keep you wrestling with life and God.
  • Finally, food makes most gatherings better!  You might take a turn bringing something to share.


Come as
you are.
Yes, Really