Life Cycles

Life is no treadmill, but without a doubt what goes around comes around. What we experience in one part of life is reflected in all other areas. For three weeks we are looking at important and powerful parts of the cycle of our lives. May 14 is Mother’s Day and (other than you test tube babies) our mothers changed each of our lives. They gave us birth and let us go. Entrepreneur Justin Ley and Doula Erin Tripolino are joining Greg to help us to explore the life giving possibilities of this birthing and releasing. Here’s what we’ll be talking about…

May 14-LIFE CYCLES: GIVING BIRTH & LETTING GO – Happy Mother’s Day! This is one of those complicated days celebrating what is most wonderful, and for some, most painful about life. But we share, at least, that we all have mothers. We also all share the rhythm of giving birth and letting go; another source of joy and pain. Jacob’s Well-ers, Erin Tripolino, mother & doula, and Justin Ley, father & entrepreneur, will join Greg in talking about this key life process and paradox.

May 21-LIFE CYCLES: NOW IT’S YOUR TURN – Remember the first time you realized you were part a big, scary world in which no one was going to take care of everything for you? You were becoming a grown up and it would soon be your turn. From biblical characters to the protagonists of books and films, the coming of age and choosing a life is one of the central dramas of our lives and one we revisit over and over in the many stages we walk onto. Erin McGillivray, who has walked 100’s of Peace Corps Volunteers into their turn to being change makers, will join Greg in a conversation we’ll all share in.

May 28-LIFE CYCLES: MORE THAN REMEMBERING – We talked about giving birth and letting go, we explored life when it’s our turn. Today it is Memorial Day and we are looking at what’s there when it’s over. The answer isn’t The Afterlife… the question is about what we leave behind, and for those of us left to carry on when others are gone, what we hold on to. Whether you are mourning a death, the loss of a job, or kids who left your orbit when they became adults, what is more than remembering, and does it count?

Come as
you are.
Yes, Really