Show Up!

The Power of Being There – There is more to you than Jacob’s Well, and there’s more to Jacob’s Well than Sunday morning. But important things happen because we show up together. That’s just a small picture of the many ways and places your being there matters.

March 19 – It’s Show Up Sunday! I hope you will look around and see lots of people. People you know, don’t know and maybe forgot about. A sign of what Jacob’s Well is in God’s eyes. When you show up something happens because I showed up too, and so did that other person, and well, before we know it a movement has begun. It starts by just plain being here, but it doesn’t stop there. There’s more, lots more. It matters. Show up on March 19 as we head to Easter re-imagining showing up.

March 26 – The Power of Being ALL There (part 1) – It’s one thing, and it’s a big one, to just get where you are supposed to be. Yet there is something enormously different when you show up with your whole self. The world doesn’t need more mannequins, it needs more wholehearted people bringing their whole selves to the scene. Showing up that way is a lot harder than it might seem. It’s worth wrestling with. 

April 2 – The Power of Being ALL There (part 2)  It’s not because people are lazy that they often don’t show up with their whole selves. They avoid it because that real, raw person inside can be fragile and sensitive. We all know what it’s like to risk something in public just to be criticized; to worry about how we compare with others and decide it’s safer to not find out. There are forces within and without that keep us from showing up and it’s time to bring them out into the light and talk about them.

April 9 – Wherever You Are, Whatever You’re Doing, Whoever You’re With  So what happens when you would rather be elsewhere doing something else with someone else? It happens often to each of us. Circumstances aren’t ideal, they aren’t what we planned or expected, we wish things could be different. So what do we do and what would it look like to show up anyway? It’s worth thinking about because it might be the way you’ll spend the majority of your life.

Come as
you are.
Yes, Really