Square 1

Square 1 – We all know there is something out there that we are missing… we just don’t know how to get there from here. The reason is that there is no way there from here. It’s time to go back to square one. There is stuff to unlearn and dismantle before we can relearn and rebuild and be the people we hope to be. You feel it too? Let’s do it together!

April 23-Back to Square 1 with God. The challenge of a maze is that when you get stuck you can’t just push on, you have to go back to where you turned wrong and start fresh. That describes our situation with God pretty well. Human beings got a few inklings of what God was like from what they could understand and ran with it. Now we’re in a corner with an image of God that just doesn’t work or make much sense. It’s time to back up to square one and explore again.

April 30-Back to Square 1 with Us. The feeling of being at a dead end in a relationship is probably not an unfamiliar one. Maybe it is with a partner, child, friend, co-worker; maybe it’s between the police and minority populations, or the political system and the American people. The point is we can’t just stay where we are, and there doesn’t seem to be any hope of moving forward from where we are. Something needs to be undone first. Let’s take a look at getting back to Square 1 with Us.

May 7-Back to Square 1 with Stuff. Let’s face it, our world has a possession problem. Wherever you are on the spectrum, collectively we’ve got far too much stuff. It would be nice if we could just invent, make and buy one more thing to take care of it all, but that would just be one more bit of stuff to add to the pile. Getting rid of a bunch of our stuff won’t solve the problem either. We need to go back to where this unhealthy relationship started and reimagine life without all our stuff. Come along!

Come as
you are.
Yes, Really