Sunday Papers

Sunday Papers

Looking for filled-in Sunday Papers? Find the outline on the 2nd page of each link!

Looking for filled-in Sunday Papers? Find the outline on the 2nd page of each link…

09-30-18 The Long Haul – Investing: Driven by What Matters Most

09-23-18 The Long Haul – Selective: The Importance of Which Others

09-16-18 The Long Haul – Capacity: The Importance of Others

09-09-18 The Long Haul – Discovery: What is life for the long haul?

09-02-18 Weaving Deeply: A new name for the same community

08-26-18 Why I Stopped Going to Church

08-19-18 Godflix: Coco

08-12-18 Godflix: Love, Simon

08-05-18 Godflix: Black Panther

07-29-18 Godflix: The Man Who Invented Christmas

07-22-18 Body± Shame

07-15-18 Body± Transitions

07-08-18 Body± Health

06-24-18 Third Way Relationships: Fit the Mold

06-17-18 Third Way Relationships: Put Your Kids in the Corner

06-10-18 Third Way Relationships: Getting Along in a Small Space

06-03-18 Third Way Relationships: 3-Stranded Living

05-27-18 Third Way Relationships: Play

05-20-18 Third Way Relationships: Who Will Go First?

05-13-18 Third Way Relationships: I vs I

05-06-18 Third Way Having

04-29-18 Third Way Change

04-22-18 Third Way Believing

04-08-18 Third Way Being

04-01-18 April Fools! (Happy Easter)

03-25-18 Thoughts & Prayers: Enter the Space

03-18-18 Thoughts and Prayers: Let Us Pray?

03-11-18 Thoughts and Prayers: Wishing on a Star

03-04-18 Thoughts and Prayers: The Vending Machine

02-25-18 Make a Dent: Can’t Someone Else Do This?

02-18-18 Make a Dent: I Have No Idea How to Do This

02-11-18 Make a Dent: Who Died and Made You King?

02-04-18 Make A Dent: Who Am I To Lead?

01-28-18 Check Your Baggage: Regrets

01-21-18 Check Your Baggage: Ruts

01-14-18 Check Your Baggage: Hurt

01-07-18 Check Your Baggage: Failure

12-21-17 and 12-24-17 Christmas Gatherings

12-17-17 Everyone Loves a Baby: The Universe in Their Eyes

12-10-17 Everyone Loves a Baby: A Special Child

12-3-17 Everyone Loves a Baby: A Mind of Their Own

11-26-17 Everyone Loves a Baby: Choosing a Name

11-19-17 Divided We Fall: Every Journey Has a First Step

11-12-17 Divided We Fall: It’s Your Turn

11-5-17 Divided We Fall: Game Changer

10-29-17 Divided We Fall: The Power of Story to Unite

10-22-17 The Inner Selfie: When All Else Fails

10-15-17 The Inner Selfie: Flooded, Forcing or Flowing

10-08-17 The Inner Selfie: What’s Going On In There?

09-24-17 Humanize 3: A Fire and an Eyedropper

09-17-17 Humanize 2: What Only You Can Do

09-10-17 Humanize 1: The Battle for Your Humanity

09-03-17 Well-Lopsided

08-27-17 Godflix: Hidden Figures

08-20-17 Godflix: Moana

08-13-17 Godflix: Arrival

08-06-17 Godflix: Sing

07-30-17 Boxes: Your View of Space

07-24-17 Boxes: Disrupting the Classroom

07-16-17 Boxes: Making Life Miserable – On Purpose.

07-09-17 Boxes: What Else Can You Do?

07-02-17 Jacob’s Well & Intertwine at Minnehaha Falls

06-25-17 Science Class 3: Pastors and Surgeons

06-18-17 Science Class 2: Galaxies and Big Stuff

06-11-17 Science Class 2: Galaxies and Big Stuff (cancelled due to weather)

06-04-17 Science Class 1: Disease and Ideas

05-28-17 Life Cycles: More than Remembering

05-21-17 Life Cycles: Now It’s Your Turn

05-14-17 Life Cycles 1: Giving Birth and Letting Go

05-07-17 Back to Square 1 with Stuff

04-30-17 Back to Square 1 with Us

04-23-17 Back to Square 1 with God

04-16-17 Show Up for Easter!

04-09-17 Show Up: Wherever You Are, Whatever You’re Doing…

04-02-17 Show Up: The Power of Being All There (part 2)

03-26-17 Show Up: The Power of Being All There

03-19-17 Show Up: The Power of Being There

03-12-17 CareIQ Review

03-05-17 Wisdom from the Wasteland

02-26-17 Free Money 3

02-19-17 Free Money 2

02-12-17 Free Money 1

02-05-17 Unstuck

01-29-17 New Grooves-Why Groove?

01-22-17 New Grooves-Groove Truth

01-15-17 New Grooves-The New Groove

01-08-17 New Grooves – Switching Grooves

12-18-16 God? Get Real – Is There Room For Wonder?

12-11-16 God? Get Real – If God’s Not Real, Is It Me?

12-4-16 God? Get Real. – Was God Real Back Then?

11-27-16 God? Get Real. – God, Just a Good Idea?




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