What’s Up with Jacob’s Well?

What's Up With Jacob's Well

Click here for a recap of our What’s Up with Jacob’s Well gathering on April 24.

A couple times a year we gather Jacob’s Well-ers to share what we see as the ‘burning issues’ in order to get you up to speed and get your ideas and direction – not to mention your help. That’s what WUWJW is all about.

Monday, April 24, 6:30-8 pm @ Southside Commons (the Jacob’s Well office at 3751 17th Avenue South)

Here are the 3 things we’ll talk about:

  1. The results of the Giving Challenge and where we now stand fiscally.
  2. The Intern and refilling the Youth Position…both will be happening late summer.
  3. Dr. Terri Elton will be discussing research she published that Jacob’s Well helped shape. You can find a very short summary of the study in this article. The last third speaks to our situation most clearly.

We’ll also give you a peek into what’s coming up in the next couple months!

For everyone there will be complimentary coffee, water and desserts. We’ll also have wine for a small donation. See you there.

Peace! Greg

Can you let us know that you are coming? It helps with planning. Click this link to tell us you are coming and how many. Thanks!

Because of the nature of the space and the time we won’t be providing children’s activities. Sorry for that inconvenience.

Come as
you are.
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