Almost all of us have an unhealthy attitude towards our bodies. From a young age, we were taught our bodies need to look a certain way, and be able to do certain things. We were told to diet and exercise, to groom and clean, to exfoliate and moisturize, all with the goal of making our bodies ‘better,’ more fit for consumption by others. This series we’re going to be exploring body positivity, self-love, and what being healthy really means. Here’s what we’ll be talking about…

July 8 – Body± Health: Everyone wants to be more healthy. However, most of us don’t have a solid idea of what ‘healthy’ actually means. Does it mean running a 5 minute mile? Having a toned physique? Being able to get out of bed? This week we will be talking with Farrah Frye, yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner, about bodies and what ‘healthy’ means for each of us.

July 15 – Body± Transitions: Like it our not, our bodies change over time. Sometimes that comes from a specific event, like childbirth or an injury, and sometimes that change just comes from time.  How can we learn to love our changing bodies, instead of just tolerate them? Angie Sonrode from the Mid Drift movement will be talking about the transitions our bodies undergo, and the wholeness and perfection they still have.

July 22 – Body± Shame: The most pernicious effect of body shaming is that it destroys our sense of self-value. Body shaming tells us we are less than. Body shaming tells us that if we worked out more, or ate the right foods, or wore the right clothing, we would have more value. That is a lie. This week we will focus on the lies of body shaming, and what we all can do to end body shaming.

Come as
you are.
Yes, Really