Check Your Baggage

With a new year ahead it is easy to be inspired by the possibility of your future. Unfortunately, it is also easy to be grounded by the baggage of your past. Whether it is regret, hurt, failure or disillusionment it is time to check your baggage. No, you can’t just leave it behind, but you can’t let it determine what’s ahead either. Join us in January – Sunday mornings, podcasts and in GroupLife – as we work with each other and God to see how the possibility of the future is always greater than the baggage of the past. Here’s what we’ll be talking about each week…

January 7 – Failure: We fail all the time. We fail in our relationships, in our families, and at work. Wherever we go, we make mistakes. It’s part of being human. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we don’t have to carry the baggage of our failures into the future. With effort from ourselves, and a supportive community, we can leave those failures behind. Let’s start checking our baggage.

January 14 – Hurt: If you are old enough to think about it, you are old enough to have bumps & bruises from life that don’t go away. In fact, ‘bumps & bruises’ probably sounds dismissive to what you’ve been through. But while scars from the past still impact your life, do they control it? Will you let them? This is a hard conversation and we don’t mean to make it sound easier than it is… but the possibility of your future is always greater than the baggage of your past. See you Sunday, January 14. (BTW, bring your baggage, we’ll help you take care of it.)

January 21 – Ruts: One thing about the past, it taught us how to do things that we can’t unlearn. And some of it is dragging us down. I don’t care if it was the disconnectedness in your family of origin, your addiction to tobacco, meth, porn or gossip, or your bad money management practices…your ruts haunt you yet today. But they don’t have to live in your future. Learning new ways of life is something we can help each other do. Bring your bags and we’ll see you January 21.

January 28 – Regret: Let’s just get this out there: There is no such thing as life without regrets. Sorry. Things happen that you can’t undo and you have to live with them. But is that the end of the story? Can you live with regret and not be consumed by it? Regret can function as a catalyst for change; after all, it’s about your past, not your future. Let’s talk about that. So, don’t pretend you have no regrets, just bring them along Sunday and we’ll explore how to check that regret baggage.

Come as
you are.
Yes, Really