Divided We Fall

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It is amazing how polarized we’ve become. It’s even more amazing how wrong the people are whom we disagree with! Ok, we all know better, but these aren’t trivial preferences, these are ‘line in the sand’ issues. In the meantime, the gap widens. There is the one truth in this confusing mess: Divided we fall. It’s time for us to stand. Stand for humanity, stand as whole selves. Join us as in hard conversations about moving from winning to learning through the power of story. Here’s what we’ll be talking about…

October 29 – The Power of Story to UnitePolarized politics, racial divides, international standoffs. The split is so great it is infecting our families and friendships. Walls of disagreement separate us. Arguments drive the wedge deeper until the only people we know and listen to are the ones on our side. Maybe no one will ever win. What if we got beyond winning and tried understanding? What if we listened… deeply? Not to argue a point, but to get to know the person we always disagreed with. Our stories can do what our debates cannot.

November 5 – Game Changer: We like to think of ourselves as logical people who are open to changing our minds. We’re not. If listening to data changed the way we lived our lives, we would all be rich people with chiseled abs. Changing our mind requires stories, and requires listening to stories, especially from people we disagree with.

November 12 – It’s Your TurnThe people who love you overlook a sea of imperfection because they know your story. There will be a lot more love in our world when more of us know each other’s stories. It’s your turn to tell one of your many stories. And it’s the privilege of each us us to hear those stories. Want to share yours? We’ll have ways for as many of you as wish to tell yours. 5-10 minutes. A story with a beginning, middle and an end with only one agenda, that it helps us know and understand you, and maybe life, better.

November 19 – Every Journey Has a First Step: Listening to know and be known is the building block of compassion. Compassion is the door to recognizing our common humanity. Our shared humanity paves the path to solving real problems in lasting ways. This day we’ll hear the stories from our community that make us rethink what we thought we knew. We’ll also take a dive into what real influence is and how it happens in a diverse and complicated world. God is one and seeks for us to be the same. Let’s head there!

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