Financial Health

Finances are hard.

There are a lot of needs we'd like to be able to pay for, a lot of causes we'd like to be able to give to, and a lot of future that we need to save for.  It’s hard to make ends meet, let alone align our values and understanding of God and the world with how we handle our personal finances. 

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Why do we talk about money?
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Because It Hurts (2015)
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Real & Ideal (2014)
Broke: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (2012)

Free Financial Coaching

Did you know that Jacob’s Well has a team of trained, free of charge & agenda, non-judgmental, seen-it-all financial coaches who can help?  Click here to read biographies on all of our Financial Coaches.  Questions or want to sign up?  Email Alison.

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