Make a Dent

Make A Dent

Want to make a good impression? How about a dent? You have been called to make a big in the world. Long ago a man named Moses got called to make a dent. He didn’t really want to, nor did he think he was capable of it. But he change the world nonetheless. Your dent may be big or small, but it will happen because you, like Moses, pick up the staff of leadership, and go where you – alone – aren’t ready and don’t know how. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Join us for the Sundays & GroupLife of February and let’s make a dent! Here’s what we’ll be talking about each week…

Who am I to Lead (Feb 4): It’s easy to look at the heroes in our life and think that they are special in some way, that they never felt scared or doubted their own abilities. The reality is that all of those people we look up to are us, but just a little farther along. The only difference is that they’ve taken steps forward that we haven’t yet taken. Let’s explore those first steps that are necessary for making a dent, through the life of Moses, a long dead, much revered, very scared man.

Who Died and Made You King? (Feb 11): It’s one thing to decide that you have a cause and are going to champion it. It’s another thing to stand in front of other people and convince them to follow you. Are you really that good? That smart? Or are those the wrong questions? And if they are the wrong questions, what are the right ones? Moses had those and a lot of other questions filling him with doubt and you probably do too. So where does your authority come from? That’s worth digging into.

I Have No Idea How To Do This (Feb 18):  In over your head? Okay, take some deep breaths… this is what leadership feels like. If this was all figured out with an 3-step process, there wouldn’t need to be a leader. But it isn’t and there is. So the problem stands, how are you going to do this? Moses had no idea how to do what needed to be done and none of the skills he thought were needed. Yep, that’s what leadership feels like. So how does anyone do it? That’s something to talk about…

Can’t Someone Else Do This? (Feb 25): Our final protest, after none of the others got us off the hook, is that there must be someone else better qualified, more willing. And the answer is both “Yes, there are others,” and “Yes, you are the leader.” Lone Ranger leaders never were a good idea. It took Moses a long time to figure out that his job was to call others, just like he’d been called. So is your leadership about what you can do, or what others can do because of you?


Come as
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