The March Giving Challenge is here!

Jacob’s Well’s 2018 March Giving Challenge

Multiply your generosity through a matching challenge posed by a few Jacob’s Well supporters!  It’s an important part of our annual income.  This year, the challenge runs from March 4 – 23, 2018 and we have two goals:

1)   Raise $25,000 of community gifts (above and beyond regular giving) to unlock a $25,000 match; AND

2)   Increase our recurring automated giving by $2,000 per month (or more!).

We hope that ALL community members will participate in this year’s challenge.  Even small amounts add up when we all come together.  Donate or make a pledge by Friday, March 23 to ensure your gift is counted as part of this year’s challenge!

BUTTON-DONATE-NOW  Or read on for fee-free ways to donate.


Our first goal is similar to the challenge we have faced (and met!) each of the last few years.  Nothing matches the thrill of coming together as a community to raise a significant amount in a single month, and we are excited to do so again this year!  We kept the challenge at a total of $50,000 in order to make room for our second focus: increasing regular, recurring giving.

Our second goal is designed to help make Jacob’s Well’s income more stable and predictable, and to work towards a more balanced and sustainable budget. By leveling giving across the year, we can all budget more easily and focus instead on our life changing work of being church together.  You can learn more about the benefits of recurring giving here

Everyone’s financial situation is unique, but as you assess your plans for this year’s Giving Challenge, the chart below may be helpful to you. It shows how Jacob’s Well automated giving households break out in how they give.

If you’re ready to commit to one or both of the challenge goals, you can let us know here or fill out the form you’ll find in your Sunday Paper each Sunday during the Challenge. You can learn more about how to give, including how to set up automated recurring giving, here (or read below). If you have any questions about the process, let Katy know.

Thank you for being Jacob’s Well!

There are several ways to provide a contribution to this campaign:

  1. Cash or checks made out to Jacob’s Well at our gatherings each Sunday.
  2. Set up a contribution through your bank.  Often a free service from banks, this can be done for one-time gifts such as for the Challenge, or for ongoing monthly giving. You will need our address and phone number to set up Bill Pay through your bank’s website:  Jacob’s Well, 3751 17thAvenue South, Minneapolis, MN  55407, 612-822-0300.
  3. Transfer Stock:  Giving stock carries a double advantage- it could count as both a charitable donation and can also avoid capital gains taxes on growth in the stock. Learn more and find the Stock Transfer Form here.

Other online giving options are also available:

    1. Give one-time match donations online through Square. Jacob’s Well has set up a page to accept online donations through the Square platform, and will also have this available at Sunday services in March. Find this at
    2. Donate online through GiveMN.  You may remember this platform from other donations or past challenge campaigns. GiveMN collects a 6.9% processing fee from each donation, so to maximize your contribution you may wish to explore other options first.

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