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The power of prayer

No, it's not stupid. It's not magic either.

Those Communication Cards on Sunday mornings that you write prayers and other stuff on… Yeah, those… yup, the staff spends time in prayer over what is written on those cards every week (and more) and a team of other folks from our community who have asked to, also get those requests emailed to them.

Prayer isn’t like going to a vending machine, in fact we often end up with more questions than answers. It often feels like an anti-vending machine! But it is well-worth practicing anyway. Any time we pause with an awareness of being woven deep-down into a bigger reality with God, ourselves and others we are praying. How can you do it wrong? Start trying stuff.

Here are some “hacks” shared by Jacob’s Well staff to free you up with some ideas and perspectives to try.

Have a prayer concern or want to join the Prayer Team?  Email Katy.

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