The Inner Selfie: Psalm 1

​I’d like to hold this up as a mirror for you. One that gives you a vision of what it would mean to be rooted in that which is deeper than the turbulence of the everyday, yet doesn’t hide from it. The Psalm is only 6 verses long and I’m only sharing half of it with you right now. Follow along in your SP or on the screens while I read, or just listen. Make some notes.

Psalm 1.1-3

Happy are those who do not walk with the counsel of those who tear down,

or are among those who have lost their way, or sit in the seat of the cynic,

but who find delight in the way of Yahweh and on God’s word they dwell day and night.

They are like trees planted by streams of water.
They yield their fruit in its season, their leaves do not wither.

In all they do, they prosper.

I’ve done some translating to help bridge its 2700 old language to ours today. But there are still a few things to note:

• “Happy” – “blessed” hard to translate. “At peace” or “At one” are those who… could be good ways to understand this.

• Note the progression of “Those who tear down,” “those who have lost their way,” and “the sideline cynic…” I’ll say no more, except that it’s not a random list to contrast with.

• “Those who find delight in the way of Yahweh.” If you’re not familiar, “Yahweh” is the name of God in the OT Hebrew usually translated as “LORD” with all caps. But it isn’t a title like LORD indicates, it’s a name meaning, “I am who I am.” It is the way of that which is fully its own self…• And “dwelling, meditating, musing on God’s word day and night…” Remember, when this was written there was no Bible. This doesn’t mean ‘read your Bible 24/7.’ It is referring to the Torah, the teachings, the story of God and our history of walking with God.

• Then there is the core of this short passage. The piece I would urge you to hold closely.
They are like trees planted by streams of water. They yield their fruit in its season, their leaves do not wither.

• Finally, the word “prosper” at the end. That could sound like a superficial, success-oriented word, but read it like the description of prospering…Like a tree planted by a stream of water… it yields its fruit in its season, and its leaves do not wither…

Take a few minutes now with those words. Read them. Draw them. Write about what it might feel like to be a tree like that. Maybe what your life feels like right now compared to that…

~Greg Meyer

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