The Inner Selfie

Monk with selfie stick

The ubiquitous restaurant, concert, park or anywhere selfie shot has become our way of telling the world (and maybe ourselves) not only what, but how we are doing. The problem is that those selfies only catch our outside, and if we want to know how we’re doing inside we need ways of getting a look at our innerselves. During the month of October we’ll be learning about the tools we have and practice using them. Say ‘Cheese!’  Here’s what we’ll be talking about…

October 8 – What’s Going On In There? Let’s face it, life is tough. Even with all the great stuff you experience everyday there are challenges swirling around you that knock you off your feet. That’s not going to change. What can change is your capacity for knowing how to be in a world like that. That won’t happen because you’ve solved all the chaos around you, but because you’ve made peace with all the chaos inside you. For starters we’ve got some things for you to think about and to try out today. Glad you’re here!

October 15 – Flooded, Forcing or Flowing We all go through moments that test us, where we feel totally flooded with stress and responsibilities and all sorts of worries. In those moments, we feel helpless. After a moment, we can get back on our feet and start to fight back, by making plans, calling in resources, preparing for battle. What would it look like to float, instead of fight, through these moments? We will be talking about that process, from feeling flooded, to fighting those moments, to floating through them, and what that actually looks like.

October 22 – When All Else Fails We’re all perfectly able to deal with what life throws at us until we get to what we aren’t prepared for. Obviously… When you hit your limit depends on the situation and the subject. You might move that point, subtract or add things from the ‘pushes me over the edge’ list, but you will never perfectly immunize yourself from what distracts, hurts, and frightens. So what will you do when all else fails? Let’s talk, let’s practice. There is life beyond success.

Come as
you are.
Yes, Really