Third Way Relationships

May 13 is Mother’s Day; a day with all sorts of baggage, good and, well, not-so-good. But at the heart of motherhood is something that applies to everyone, all the time, everywhere. It’s relationships. And if there is anywhere we get stuck over and over again that’s it. So for the next handful of weeks we will be exploring Third Ways for our world of relationships. What better way to honor moms, kids, and just plain people than to find a way to grow and bloom with those we love, live, work and play. Here’s what we’ll be talking about…

May 13: “I” vs “I” It’s Mother’s Day… whether that brings joy, mixed or not-so-good feelings to you. The big thing about motherhood we share is the life-giving relationships we all need and are responsible for. And face it, it isn’t easy. Today we start a couple week investigation into what gets us so stuck that our relationships too often suck life, rather than give it. So, if you are looking for more and are willing to put your own cards on the table to find it, then you are in the right place. Thanks for being Jacob’s Well with us today!

May 20: Who Will Go First? We could get unstuck in the stand off of our relationships at home, work, school, with our friends and neighbors, if they would just go first. You know, do the right thing. Or if we could all agree to jump at the same time. Then, we’d trust them and we would know that it was going to work out okay. But as nice as that sounds, we’ve been waiting for that for a long time and it isn’t happening. It’s stuck. So, if there is a Third Way… what is it?

May 27: Play It’s easy to let our relationships fall into division of labor: you take care of this, I’ll take care of that, and I’ll see you at bedtime. Where is the room for fun? Our relationships often start with lots of joy and fun, and there’s no reason we have to let the fun die. This week we’re going to be practicing play as a community. Get ready for community choir, yoga, and building things!

June 3: Three-Stranded Living Greg is bringing Jacob’s Well rockstar, Heidi Esposito, to the table to talk about and demonstrate the core piece of DNA guiding what we do among our kids, youth and all you grown-ups. That’s ROPE; weaving and knotting the three strands of self, others and God. We’ll also hear about Heidi’s sabbatical pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. And have a chance to thank each other for the great work everyone does to help us be Jacob’s Well.

June 10: Getting Along in a Small Space One ‘Aha!’ astronauts all seem to have from gazing down on the blue orb we call home is that there are no borders drawn or country names written it. They realize we all share one home, and it isn’t big enough to split up. Our relationship with the natural world is stuck, and it isn’t trending well. Next Sunday we’ll be at Minnehaha Falls and what better place to focus on how the Third Way works in our relationship with ALL of creation, not just the people part.

June 17: Put Your Kids in the Corner Happy Father’s Day, if you’re a father, if not, or if you’ve got father baggage, hang on because the Third Way of Relationships applies to you too. The fact is that we all have some false ideas that we are stuck in. If you’re a dad the idea that your family job is bringing home the bacon has a hold on you. But if you are a woman, transgender, single, divorced, non-white, whoever, you’ve got your own version of stories that tell some truth about you, but not enough. Join us. Freedom looks like getting unstuck.

June 24: Fit the Mold One size fits all. That always works right? While “fitting the mold” may seem desirable on the surface, inevitably, there can be friction when our definition of the mold doesn’t match that of society and culture. Sometimes too we run into spaces in life or parts of ourselves that don’t seem to fit the mold.  So, what do we do? When this happens it seems like we have two options: either pretend and just try as hard as we can to “fit the mold,” or pretend like the molds don’t really exist and that we don’t really care about the molds that have been presented to us. There has to be a third way in all this that allows us another option in relationship- let’s talk about it.

Come as
you are.
Yes, Really