Third Way

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Stuck. So many parts of our world are stuck right now. We’ve got problems and the people and processes that are supposed to take care of them are busy pointing fingers and riding dead horses that will go nowhere. Okay, that’s a little cynical, but it feels pretty true. This isn’t the fault of liberals or conservatives, of gun owners or gun control advocates, or any ‘us & them’; it’s just people. We get stuck. There is another way, though. Not my way, or your way, and not half way between. It’s a way that steps back, out and up. A Third Way. Join us for the month of April as we explore it together. Here’s what we’ll be talking about…

April 8 – Third Way Being: You’ve been there… you know, that place where you are sure you were right, dug your heels in, stood your ground, maybe even belittled the other side. And… you were going nowhere. Stuck. What is so great about being right AND stuck? There must be something because we spend a lot of time that way. There is an option, however. It isn’t just another position, but a different way of being. A Third Way. Thanks for being Jacob’s Well with us today as we take a look at how that can happen.

April 22 – Third Way Believing: Do you believe in God? Maybe you’ve got a resounding “Yes!” or “No!” to that question, but more and more people report that their answer doesn’t quite fit in either category. If you are one of those people it probably doesn’t mean that you ‘sort of believe’ or ‘half-way believe’. It probably means that there is a better question, a Third Way to look at this topic that is more complex than a check mark in Box A or Box B shows. Let’s take a look at what a Third Way approach to believing looks like.

April 29 – Third Way Change: We tend to idolize social movements of the past, like the civil rights, or abolitionist movements. What’s left unsaid is our responsibility to the social movements of our own times. Why it is to rare to practice third way thinking now, when it’s so easy to praise the movements in the past? Let’s talk about the way we make positive social change happen here and now.

May 6 – Third Way Having: Having stuff is one of the things we like most. It’s opposite, not having stuff, is something we like least. It seems that we boil life down to those two options – we’ve either got stuff or we don’t. Not having it is poverty – that’s a problem. Having stuff doesn’t solve the problem either; it’s not achievable for most people and not good for anyone. Is that all there is? Or is there a Third Way to relate to what we have, or don’t? Well, it may not be easy, but there are clues. Want to give it a try?

Come as
you are.
Yes, Really