Thoughts and Prayers

empty thought bubble and speech bubble

The phrase ‘thoughts and prayers’ has become shorthand for ‘I care, but not enough to change anything.’ Saying you’re praying becomes a cop-out for taking action. What’s the point of prayer then? Can’t we just act in the world and not deal with this whole prayer thing? Well. . . no. Prayer is an essential part of weaving the rope and in this series we’ll explain how, and why. And we’ll try stuff! Here’s what we’ll be talking about each week…

The Vending Machine (March 4): The simple definition of prayer is asking God for stuff. If that’s the case, why did Jesus, who both healed the sick and fed the hungry bother to pray? Couldn’t he just get whatever he wanted? We have a lot to learn from Jesus, not about how we pray or when we pray, but why we pray.

Wishing on a Star (March 11): If prayer is a substitute for action, why should we bother engaging with it? What good does prayer do, if it just makes us feel a little better, but does nothing for the person we’re praying for? The brilliant thing about prayer is that it actually changes us, which changes our actions, which changes the world. Don’t believe us? We’ll be praying for you.

Let Us Pray? (March 18): Many of us know someone who has been hurt by prayer, either intentionally or unintentionally. For a lot of people, this is the only kind of prayer they know, the judgemental, shaming prayer. That’s not the way prayer is supposed to be. Prayer should be loving and uplifting, and that’s what we’re exploring this week.

Entering the Space (March 25): If you could talk naturally to anyone, wouldn’t it be someone who knows you inside and out? And whatever God is, wouldn’t God know you that way more than anyone or anything else? Yet we think talking to God is hard, it has to be done a certain way, it can only be about certain things, or that we aren’t good enough at it. Does that make sense? What if…we saw prayer as a space that we could enter more fully, unfiltered, more ourselves than anywhere else? Let’s explore that space together next week.

Come as
you are.
Yes, Really