What We Do

...Institutionally? Not much.

Our calendar tends to look pretty sparse. That's because we try to support our community in being Jacob's Well in their neighborhoods. We gather weekly, help everyone connect in a smaller setting (Check out GroupLife and Sunday Leftovers links above by clicking on that hamburger thing), and support people in their individual journeys of discovering God.

We focus on supporting people in some of the toughest areas to be healthy in: RelationshipsFinances and helping everyone discover a ministry in the church and a mission beyond it.

You can get a taste of how we do stuff below.

Good music isn't a sin

But Nickelback might be. Seriously, God doesn't play favorites with people or genres or time periods.  Sacred?  Secular? Old? New?  Who cares?  We don't think it has to be labeled "Christian" to stir your soul, so we'll keep you guessing at our gatherings with all kinds of music and creative artistry.
Jacob's Well Band

Church means significant relationships

Everybody needs relationships of real substance; where trust is strong and it feels safe to share our struggles and excitement, where we care for each other and challenge each other to grow.  The way that we try to facilitate this most intentionally is through GroupLife.

Kids aren't dumb

So church shouldn't give them dumb answers. Your kids might not have all the deep ponderings on life that you do (yet), but their hopes, fears, and dreams are every bit as real as yours and mine. Our original programs meet kids where they are--from newborns and toddlers to middle-schoolers and teens and help parents connect about that real stuff with them too.
Serious Face

The Pond

6 months to 3 years old

Jacob’s Well provides a welcoming safe place for our youngest children to play, snuggle, and experience God’s love through caring adults.  The pond is located in the Media Center and is available most Sundays from 10:15-11:45. The Wiggle Room (including kids 3-5) is available through the summer months)

Open most Sundays 10:15 – 11:45 am.

We still need help with the Pond this fall!  If you would like to snuggle a baby, or cuddle a toddler…Wren will let you know when we need some help! 

Splashville logo


3-5 years old

A chance for 3-5 year olds to play along as they explore bible stories, sing, and make friends!  A play based philosophy of learning, kids engage in games, crafts, and even snacks that help reinforce the ideas of the day. In Splashville we promote Active Learning “What I do I learn” Interactive Learning “Together we learn better” and Building Relationships “Learning about love through love.”   Splashville meets from September – May.

H2O Kids

K-3rd Grade

H2O kids meet in the South gym on Sunday mornings.  They begin spending time gathering with their friends and crew leaders sometimes playing a game or making a craft that encourages kids to interact with other kids and adults.  The next part of their morning is spent as a large group – singing, skits, science experiments, engaging with bible stories, and seeing how we are part of God’s continuing story in our world.  Small group time helps kids to reflect, question, and explore the main idea in ways that support the many ways we learn.  H2O Kids meets from September – May.

H2O Logo
River RATS logo

River RATS

4th - 5th Grades

It’s not the kind of ‘rats’ you might be thinking of…RATS is a way of helping kids understand what faith is all about.  Faith is Real, it’s All about God’s love for us, it’s something that we do Together and it’s meant to be Shared.  The River R.A.T.S meet each Sunday from 10:30 – 11:45 beginning in the North Gym for some ROWDIE fun!  We will then be moving to the media center to dig into the bible in a fresh and quirky way helping us to see how God’s big story connects with our lives in some pretty cool and real ways.  River RATS meets September – May.

Entering 4th grade in September 2018? Register for Bay Lake Camp using the links below.


The Lounge

6th-8th Grades

The Lounge:

Meets Sunday mornings (September – May) and usually involves donuts or something tasty!  But it also includes time spent building relationships and talking about our faith in relevant, honest, thinking, and casual ways, challenging kids to explore the ways God is working in their lives.


Meets on Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:00pm during the school year.  GroupLife is designed to help kids discover the person God is creating us to be and how faith stuff is really life stuff.  GroupLife helps to build a community that we can bring our questions to, learn to care for each other, and how to share our stories.  One of the best ways to make big things approachable for youth is through fun!  Typical GroupLife events might include; game nights, movie discussions, bowling, tubing, city scavenger hunts, serving opportunities, mentoring, pizza making, and semi-competitive games of dodgeball!


A few times a year we take the time to get away from the busyness, and pressures of our everyday life and spend some concentrated time learning, sharing, serving, and connecting with one another.

High School Logo

High School

High School Youth….

Connect – Sunday mornings, GroupLife, mentors, friends, social media, and activities.

Ask Questions – Who am I? Where is my impact? What does it look like to live into this fullness of life that God sees in me?

Play – Dodgeball, The Amazing Race, Whirly Ball, Ultimate, Tubing, cooking, ropes course, bowling, movies…

Serve – Raking, Me to We, Day of Service, sandwich making, Crew Leaders, Set Up, video production, skits, Se Luz, Bay Lake (pssst…be a camp counselor this summer – see link below)…

Travel – Boundary Waters, New York, Great Plains, Heifer Ranch, Rocky Mountains, Bay Lake (be a camp counselor this summer – see link below), Voyagers, Sailing…

Come as
you are.
Yes, Really