Workshop of Wonder

Curiosity and imagination burst into action at the Workshop of Wonder!  Kids will have space to create, explore, and use their imagination to help discover the big vision of love that Jesus came to share with us.  We can get awfully stuck in our thinking and understanding of the world around us and one way to get unstuck is to engage our sense of curiosity and wonder!  Jesus told some amazing stories that we call parables that did just that! 

At the Workshop of Wonder kids will play creatively at the Imagination Station, sing and laugh along with the adventures of the Crayon Capers at the Creativity Jam, wonder together as we Sculpt the Story, and learn about some famous artists, get messy and create in the Art Shop!

There is something for preschool kids through high schoolers!  Join us April 22 – May 20!

I wonder… What growing is like?

I wonder… What it’s like to search for the greatest thing?

I wonder… What it is like to care deeply for all?

I wonder… What kind of stories there are in me?

I wonder… How love can be powerful?

Come as
you are.
Yes, Really